EPO Consulting Wiki - Import of EPO transport packages

Part of the EPO Connector comes a report for uploading transport order files onto your SAP server.

Transport files (*.zip) for EPO solutions are available the EPO - NextCloud .


This report evaluates the DATA- and COFILES - directory on the server and can write the tranport files directly to the desired folders.

Select the 'upload' checkbox and select the .zip - file.


After running the report (F8) the files are copied onto the SAP server.

As a little help, the number of the transport order will be copied into your clipboard.

If this report is not available, use transaction CG3Z to upload the 'K'- and 'R' file (extracted from the .ZIP) into the transport directory, or ask the SAP basis team in your company for help.


Import with transport management system - STMS

When the cofile and the data file of the transport are existing in the transport folder, you may import the transport into your system.

Open transaction STMS, select the import system and add the transport to the import queue:


Enter the transport number (paste from the clipboard).

Afterwards, the transport can be selected and imported as usual:



Create a new transport order

In order to transport the imported objects to test- and productive system, create a new transport order:

Transaction SE09 (or SE10), create a new workbench/customizing transport, add the objects of the imported WK1 - transport order:


Release the transport order and transport according Your standard transport rules.