EPO Consulting Wiki - Import of EPO transport packages

A short recipee, how to import transport orders into SAP. Transport files (*.ZIP) are usually stored in the EPO - NextCloud .


This report evaluates the DATA- and COFILES - directory on the server and can write the tranport files directly to the desired position.

Select the 'upload' checkbox and select the .ZIP - file (from the NextCloud):


After running the report (F8), the number of the transport order will be copied to the clipboard.

If this report is not available, use transaction CG3Z to upload the 'K'- and 'R' file (extracted from the .ZIP) into the transport directory, or ask the basis - team for help.


transport management system - STMS

Open transaction STMS, select the import system and add the transport to the import queue:


Enter the transport number (paste from the clipboard).

Afterwards, the transport can be selected and imported as usual:



preparation for transport

Create a new workbench transport (SE09 or SE10), select the transport number and add the objects of the just imported transport order:


After final customization and test, the transport order can be released and transported as usual.